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Wedding manicure

Preparing for her wedding, a bride will plan her appearance carefully: her clothes, shoes, jewellery and the manicure, which will receive at least as much close attention during the wedding as her hairdo and make up. Nowadays nail industry technicians can execute the boldest and most unusual ideas, but when choosing a nail design you should not rely only on fashion trends, after all a wedding manicure is part of the bride’s image and must match her spirits and overall style.

A perfect choice for a wedding is gel nail modelling. The bride can choose the shape and length of the nails, as well as a head-turning design using coloured gels and decorations. Having extended her nails the bride will feel comfortable not only on the wedding day but also on her honeymoon - the durability and beauty of the nails is guaranteed for the entire honeymoon.

It is recommended to do the modelling on the day before the wedding having discussed the questions of time and design earlier with the technician. If the wedding dress has distinctive embroidery or a pattern, a wide palette of gels and accessories allow the technician to copy any pattern or embroidery element onto the nails. To create an exclusive design 3D gels can be used to make three dimensional figures on the nails.

It sometimes happens that the bride plans to change outfits during the wedding day, and in such cases the best choice will be a classic French manicure, which can be done in various versions of the currently fashionable French avant-garde in which the length and shape of the free edge depend only on the technician’s imagination and the individual wishes of the client, using different colours and decorations.

In a word, whatever choice is made, the beauty and durability of gel nails is guaranteed for a long time!

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