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Why extend nails? 

Every woman knows the feeling of wanting to change something, not dramatically, but to have something original.  Then we think about nails, as you can experiment with them without any effect on your health.

Well groomed hands are the visiting card of any woman, but we don’t always have the time and opportunity to look after them properly. Nowadays this is not necessary as if you grow your nails or get a gel manicure you will be able to enjoy perfect nails for almost a whole month.

The advantages of gel coverings are obvious:

  • when a durable gel covering is applied to the natural nails they are protected from damage, so they rejuvenise and get stronger;

  • gel technology for extending the nails is absolutely safe.  The gel has no smell and is non-toxic.  And if the nail bed has been damaged the gel acts as a construction material to strengthen it;

  • extending the nails with gel does not damage the nail bed, which means it is eminently suitable for people with weak or thin nails.  The extensions might be one-step (for amateurs) or three-step (for professionals who like unusual designs and striking solutions);

  • nail varnish on a gel covering, and of course both the design and the drawing, will last from fill-in to fill-in, meaning your nails will look attractive and  beautiful for a long time without further attention;

  • fill-ins are not a daily requirement, and even being a week late for a fill-in is not a problem;

  • the nails take on the form of the gel, which means that by using extensions it is possible to correct crookedness and other deformations of the natural nail;

  • modern nail extension materials can restore the natural nail.

Getting nail extensions or not is a decision only you can make, but why voluntarily turn down the latest technology if it results only in beauty and comfort.

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