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Fashion and nails

In the modern world there are numerous methods of extending nails, using many different materials and techniques, but gel modelling is the widely acknowledged leader in creating excellence. This is no coincidence, as gel has no smell, is safe and easy to use. Considering also the wide colour palette of coloured liquid and 3D gels, variations in nail design are limited only by the technician’s imagination.

In ancient times decorating the nails was the privilege of important persons as only they could apply henna to their hands and feet or decorate their fingers with gold tips.

Nowadays nail modelling and design is one of the essential elements of a fashionable image for a modern woman.

The most popular nail shapes are square, squoval, oval and pointed. The length and shape should be chosen on an individual basis, giving consideration to the characteristics of the hand, the structure of the nail bed, and, of course, the most advantageous presentation of the nail design. After all, a long free edge can serve as a genuine canvas for an entire landscape, transforming the hands into a work of art!

However, when choosing nail art it is not recommended to rely only on fashion trends! To really appreciate the excellence of the most professional design it has to harmonise with the overall style of clothes, hair and make up.

The French manicure is acknowledged to be one of the universal versions of nail art, a fail-safe choice for any contingency. Despite its classical use and conservative appearance it is capable of the most remarkable transformations: painting the free edge with tracery or flowers with coloured gels will make it a wonderful complement to anyone’s image.

And finally, there is one more thing. Before starting to decorate the nails pay particular attention to hand care: manicure and spa procedures, nutrient masks and peeling, paraffin therapy and massage, and you can begin modelling and designing right now!

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