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What do you want to be?

There are a huge number of professions and jobs in the world, and every year more are added. How can you avoid getting lost in the myriad of choices? How can you find yourself? How can you find something close to your heart in your profession and work that you will love, that will inspire you and make you smile every day? There are many training courses and tests to help in determining ourselves. However, the best way is to listen to your heart, listen to yourself, and to understand what your inner self wants.

Maybe you are a great commander? Then you need to join the orderly ranks of managers. Or maybe there is an Aristotle hidden within you, or a Socrates? Science awaits you! And what if you are creative, an artist of moods? There are a thousand roads open to you in the world of beauty, you just need to go ahead.

One enchanting medium for modern artists is nail modelling and design. Indeed, in creating perfect nails your imagination is limited only by your attitude and your desire to create! However, to work easily and professionally it is essential to undergo thorough basic training, as imagination without skill or professionalism will rarely lead to genuinely impressive results. A well thought out start is the basis of a successful career and future financial well being.

It is therefore extremely important to approach the choice of training establishment carefully. It should be a large company with a history of occupying a stable position in the nail industry market, keeping abreast of the times, improving its technology and products and constantly making an effort to raise the level of professionalism of its teaching staff, as it is they who are the image of the company on the nail industry market.

The best choice in this respect is the international CNI corporation, a standard bearer in the field of technology and manufacture of innovative products in nail services.

The founders and owners of the CNI corporation are husband and wife team Dmitrii and Anastasiya Mints. They have been working with their team for more than ten years developing and introducing world recognised technologies into the nail industry.

The corporation’s training centres are located in all major cities in Russia and Europe and have expanded the opportunities open to the nail industry thanks to the unique CNI methods.

A team of highly proficient instructors, unique nail modelling and design technologies and premium class products: these are the secret of the success of the CNI corporation, attracting a large number of beauty industry professionals to work with the company. Graduates from CNI training centres have become Russian, European and World champions.

Beauty and health are the basic principles that have become working standards at CNI and a guarantee of the highest quality services and products.

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