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Gel manicures 

The desire of any woman is to have beautiful, well cared for, attractive and, most importantly, healthy nails. But there is a whole range of factors which affecting the human body as a whole and which damage the natural nail plate such as illness, working conditions, the environment, trauma, etc. The situation can be aggravated by the numerous stresses our nails experience every day: contact with household chemicals, poor nutrition, or vitamin deficiency. All these weaken the nail plate and require special attention.

Of the numerous services the modern nail industry can offer, gel manicure, a procedure to restore the natural nail plate, stands out. Previously this procedure was impossible because of the shortcomings of the material, which was used only for nail modelling and did not restore the strength and integrity of the natural nail plate. It was only thanks to the effective methods developed by a dermatologist, head technologist and Vice President of CNI Anastasiya Mints, and the premium class CNI-NSP products that gel manicure became possible and very popular.

In addition to the excellent appearance achieved, gel manicures help to correct such defects as breaking and unevenness, eliminate the problem of dry and thin nail plates, inadequately moisturised or deformed nails, uneven grooved or cracked nail plate surfaces, and flaking or yellowed nails.

A layer of gel provides reliable protection from breaking, chipping, and impregnation by and the damaging effects of harmful substances, and as a result the nails quickly begin to recover and grow. The length, shape and design should be selected on an individual basis taking into consideration the characteristics of the hand, the structure of the nail bed and, of course, the desired result. The choice of classic French manicure, solid colour or design is up to you, and your well cared for and pretty nails will give you pleasure for a long time.

The flawless result of a gel manicure depends not only on quality products but also on the technician’s professionalism. It is important that specialists in CNI salons have undergone excellent professional training, as the training in CNI’s licenced training centres, with qualified instructors who have won Russian and European competitions and are international standard technicians, is the benchmark for the modern nail industry.

To be exclusive and unique is what every woman wants. But it is very important to recognise that health is the most important component of beauty.

The international CNI corporation has made it possible to maintain a healthy and well cared for appearance of the nails for a long time, and helped women today to be beautiful and confident every day.

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