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Answer: There are different types of detachments: from the free edge, from the cuticle, in the middle of the nail. All the reasons in detail are disassembled in our courses. There are 2 reasons for their occurrence - the poor quality of master’s work (noncompliance of techniques) and the clients predisposition to the detachment (rare). The poor quality of master’s work can be: he did not degrease the surface, did not clean out the pterygium etc. The clients’ predisposition to the detachment can be expressed as follows: work is connected with abundant contact with water, high humidity of hands, taking the potent drugs, careless nail wearing etc.

Do I need to TAKE OFF gel at a severe nail injury?

Answer: There are ways to repair the injured nail with different degrees of gravity, which we teach as part of the basic course of modelling nails. We do not recommend removing the gel from the injured nail. On the contrary, the injured nail must be closed with gel to avoid painful contact, under the gel nail grows faster, but it is desirable to reduce the length of nail up to 2 units.

How to get rid of THE nail fungus?


It’s necessary to consult with doctor – dermatologist, hand over analyzes, confirm the diagnosis and complete a course of treatment. Do not agree to remove the nail; in medicine, there exist a large number of effective drugs for the fungal diseases treatment, but surgeons removes the nails, without considering the consequences.



Yes, for this procedure we recommend to use the technology of "gel manicure".

What is more secured for natural nails – sawing gel with nail file or soaking?


Removal of material occurs in two ways - sawing gel with nail file or soaking it in acetone. The first method is used to remove the acrylic material, nail tips and "biogels", the second method is used to remove the gel material. Any material removal injures the nail plate, in the first case - a chemical influence, in the second case - mechanical. With skillful work of the master, less damage will cause sawing, because acetone breaks down the lipid layers of the nail plate, which under repeated the procedure would lead to the fact that the nails will flake. As well as the nature of the toxic effect of acetone relates to drugs, it affects different parts of the CNS (central nervous system), actively inhibits oxidative enzymes. Therefore, no matter what method you use to remove material, nail plate is restored only when fully grown (an average of 100 days)

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